Our Journey

I want to share with you about my journey to believing in who I am and the struggles, turmoil and success that I have achieved in my life as a Maori boy from Murupara of 22 siblings.

Dad was a hard worker looking after all the children and mum was an amazing cook that could feed all of us with little which included making our own clothes and providing for us the best way they could.

Mum and Dad always instilled in us “to be the best you can be and don't let anyone tell you that you cannot achieve anything because you can if you believe in your abilities and yourself”.

Life in Murupara wasn’t easy but it taught me how to fight for my battles, drugs, alcohol and violence played a huge influence in our community, but you had to stand your ground and be strong, appreciate what you got, don’t give up and remember family is the most important thing in life.

I took their advice and became successful in nearly everything I did at school even though the teachers were negative. My parents told me don’t allow those negative words to deform you but let them transform you into a strong Maori man, who I am today.

I decided after 23 years of doing security, why can’t I start up my own security company called Watchmen Security  (kaitiaki) which means a protector, brother’s keeper plus a spiritual and natural protector.